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You Two

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Have you ever fully felt like two?

Yourself & You

might have some of the best times alone

Reminisce, laugh

Spy, roam

Observe together

Figure out whether

you’ll let this person third wheel you two

What’s to lose 

if you step out and do a vulnerable thing

like talk to the dude

get surprised, get confused, stay loose

Remember, it’s just a mission

You’re gathering insight

There’s nothing concrete in sight

just that you & you might

have each other’s backs more

to soar, I’m sure

You’re more mature

which means taking an even lighter approach,

being your own coach

and wingman 

and clapping hands

and calendar plans 

through your lifespan.

Independence, I know, doesn’t actually exist,

and you should assess the risks

but you can give yourself a kiss

if everyone’s busy that day

or if you land somewhere

where everyone’s too chill to care if you’re there 

you won’t even be scared

to just get out of their hair. 

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