Alanna Floreck began practicing photography when she was 14 years old, organizing local exhibitions throughout High School with the help of her friends, family and community. Alanna stepped into the arena of portraiture for musicians at 16 and still enjoys working freelance for talented friends in upstate NY. Alanna has more recently begun practicing poetry as a narrative complement to her visual work and looks forward to exploring documentary, poetic, and portrait work even further.

Here is a statement on her nature-based work:
"My work exists in a realm that is often glowing, one where you can look directly into the sun and instead of getting blinded, you become sharper and re-calibrated. I am drawn to water’s transparency, reflective creatures, and the silent exuberance of organic rainbows."

2014 - Present

Barbara Sklar Studios

2017 - 2021

SUNY New Paltz




"Awake, My Soul" at Tuscan Cafe in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)


"20 Day Dream" in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)



"Primavera" at Caffe a la Mode in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)



"Imperatively Light" joint show with artist Melissa Spiegel at Milkweed in Sugar Loaf, NY ​


Grew up in Warwick NY
Graduated from SUNY New Paltz in May of 2021 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Fine Arts for photography




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