I have been either taking photographs, thinking about photographs, editing photographs, or viewing others' photographs every day since 2013. I used to capture mostly outdoor scenes, objects, and only the backs of people's heads. I would edit all images using a shy, fade effect. I have since worked my way into a style of bolder contrast and turning people's faces around little by little so that they are now staring straight into my lens and having a conversation with my artificial eye. I have hosted multiple exhibitions of my leisurely work from travel experiences and local explorations, and am now ready to try a different kind of artistic lifestyle for a while. The spring of my Sophomore year in college is the time that I both became fully aware of my interest in psychology and had begun to be asked to take portraits of my musician friends in order for them to communicate a certain genre and attitude. I enjoy branding portraiture because it is fun to interview someone, listen to their music or study their practice, and translate the message between what spectators like to see and what the client wants to display. The bonus of this art medium is that I get to spend some real time with the artists that I'm working for and create an environment that they feel comfortable in. I will always be documenting others' special events as well as my own daily comforts, but branding portraiture is my newest challenge and I look forward to expanding and experimenting with each new or continuous client!

2014 - Present

Barbara Sklar Studios

2017 - 2021

SUNY New Paltz




"Awake, My Soul" at Tuscan Cafe in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)


"20 Day Dream" in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)



"Primavera" at Caffe a la Mode in Warwick, NY (with help from Barbara Sklar Studios)



"Imperatively Light" joint show with artist Melissa Spiegel at Milkweed in Sugar Loaf, NY ​


Grew up in Warwick NY
Currently attending SUNY New Paltz with a major in Psychology and a minor in Fine Arts for photography



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