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My current commercial portfolio is heavily musician-centered, as nearby music scenes have always intrigued me and I find the task of translating sound into image to be riveting and rewarding.

For promotional portraits, I tend to prefer on-location shoots in which I'm working with a setting as it already exists for visual interest.

I am open to studio-style shoots, but I appreciate when a client comes to me already having an idea.

I also enjoy photographing artists working in other mediums, festivals, live performances, personal/public events, products,  cover art commissions, and more.

You can contact me via email, text, or direct message.

My current average rate for either a photography shoot lasting 1-2 hours or a music video is $250-300. As opposed to pricing based on stringent limits to time/amount of images, this price covers a usual predicted session in which all of our ideas are trialled. A lower price agreement can be reached by applying limits to such factors.

Video types include: on-location music video, from-home music video using my own footage, or on-location documentation.

I am now asking for a deposit of $50 once scheduled, this will be subtracted from the final price of the shoot. All will be refunded if the photographer cancels, half will be refunded if the client cancels.

Prices may be negotiated for returning clients, those asking for multiple services at a time, by adjusting other price factors, or by trade of agreed-upon goods and services.

*Factors that may cause a price increase: exponentially more time than predicted, distance traveled, multiple locations, client profiting from use of images (especially if being printed), purchase of props, space rental.

There is always room to discuss whether I'm the right fit for what you're looking for, and I can refer you to a friend if not!











Thank you so much for considering working with me!


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Thank you!

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