Xemnas Keyblade
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Car notes

I love when I go back to somewhere

that stimuli to my earliest self are fossilized

immediately after I’ve beaten a personal record

out in the “world,”

Never leaving me too sure of myself

Places that make me feel young,

either because I’m ritually returning,

or because I’m new on scene,

and one where I’m a super senior

consecutively crammed one week.

I’ve found it’s normal to question who I like so many times a day.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with everything.

I love ideologically contradicting myself thrice in one sentence

and expressing a different take on the same topic every time you see me.

Admit that we’re always judging

and then keep trying not to.

I like that I think I’m so wise

until the professional about to hypnotize me

laughs and says my logic is undeveloped.

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